The night was studded with stars and its shine twinkled in her trinkets. Her eyes were alight with dreams knitted over years of innocence. She was exuding varied emotions, of joy, pride, happiness; all of them merging to create a tiny teardrop which rested on the brink of her eyelashes. 

She stepped forward on the path chalked out for her and changed the gears of her destiny. A new journey spanned out before her, its vastness reflecting in the breath of her eyes. She heaved out a sigh and itched to look past. Turning around she saw the trodden path which seemed to bid farewell; relieved to find exactly how she left it, she moved ahead with a trembling smile and heavy laden eyes. The journey has already started… she realized. 


The new sights and sounds encapsulated her. Trying to absorb it all, adding details to it, her canvas was expanding as moments turned into minutes. After a while she had a certain grasp over her journey and discovered new milestones, challenges, all adding a spark in her aura. As the path chalked out before her, she decided to let go of every moment and merge it into the abyss of unexpected. From there the real journey expanded and gave the lflower-crown-1iberty and freedom to fly towards uncharted territory. 


About Iffat Gul Shirazi

I like seeing world in the form of poetry. Poetry runs through my soul. When the world hangs over me and the descriptions stale my tongue ; I express my inner world through stringing together words with the connecting dots of my experiences, imaginations and inspirations. Also I am a Masters in Psychology who loves reading and writing. Welcome to my Inner World =) Warmest, I.

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