25th June 2014,

4:07 pm

 When the artist inside me kicks

The world spans out in shades of grey

Repels me away from everything humane

Me, my, myself bursting into loneliness

Until a void sucks me in..

And I stay cocooned in nothingness

Compelling me to see colors again

Each hue radiating a different beam

Each beam dancing a different tune

Every tune roaming in space and coming back at me

A different wavelength

A different vibration

A different me…

Me; an iota of this Universe

>> I want to hear the truth in lies and I want to understand truthful lies << stardust


About Iffat Gul Shirazi

I like seeing world in the form of poetry. Poetry runs through my soul. When the world hangs over me and the descriptions stale my tongue ; I express my inner world through stringing together words with the connecting dots of my experiences, imaginations and inspirations. Also I am a Masters in Psychology who loves reading and writing. Welcome to my Inner World =) Warmest, I.

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