As I stand and gaze

Days go by

Reality dawns on me 

with an intensity

You Oh! who get so disheartenedthe-sky-is-limitless-floriana-barbu

You are merely a speck

Speck, having the universe inside of it

Itching to explore more horizons 

My illusory universe so limited

With ideas, opinions and perceptions

Want to kick box my way out 

of these self-assured boxes

and see the expanse inside of me 

float away my days

gazing, wandering


25th July 2014 


About Iffat Gul Shirazi

I like seeing world in the form of poetry. Poetry runs through my soul. When the world hangs over me and the descriptions stale my tongue ; I express my inner world through stringing together words with the connecting dots of my experiences, imaginations and inspirations. Also I am a Masters in Psychology who loves reading and writing. Welcome to my Inner World =) Warmest, I.

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  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Well said, and passionately written!

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