Lying wasted in a pool of creative spill, books strewn everywhere, her head dizzy with all the noises rummaging inside; words, prose, imagery, metaphors all bouncing off each other, creating a static clutter. She felt nauseous with each creative swirl inside ‘I have to let it go’ she shouted, feeling helpless and incapacitated to move.

The energy draining her out, she grabbed a pen and paper, wrote in a frenzy, her hair disheveled, eyes bulging out, her breathing shallow, sweat all over her exhausted face, she wrote it all, till the last drop and passed out with a crooked smile upon her face; words forming a tiara on her head. She looked ethereal, somewhere between life and death, the moonlight spotted her words which read ‘I murdered myself today, these words are just blood stains’. blood-wall-murals


About Iffat Gul Shirazi

I like seeing world in the form of poetry. Poetry runs through my soul. When the world hangs over me and the descriptions stale my tongue ; I express my inner world through stringing together words with the connecting dots of my experiences, imaginations and inspirations. Also I am a Masters in Psychology who loves reading and writing. Welcome to my Inner World =) Warmest, I.

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