Her hands swirled in the air in clockwise and anticlockwise motion as if waving some spell. Her eyes seemed to be fixed at some point in infinity. Her lips pursed tight and then breaking into a smooth smile. Her hands now working ferociously makes her smile gigantically. Eyes now shining with pride; looking assertive across space. Her feet as if tapping smoothly on some invisible escalator. The back now arching for a final showdown while the neck straining for perfection. Hands falling dramatically into the air, waist thumping like a beating drum, legs landing softly yet with force onto the stage, eyes closing as if her heart gave away and then opening wide with force at the last movement. She is standing there, breathing hard; her soul wisps out from the corner of her eyes.dng


About Iffat Gul Shirazi

I like seeing world in the form of poetry. Poetry runs through my soul. When the world hangs over me and the descriptions stale my tongue ; I express my inner world through stringing together words with the connecting dots of my experiences, imaginations and inspirations. Also I am a Masters in Psychology who loves reading and writing. Welcome to my Inner World =) Warmest, I.

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  1. DancingQueen says:

    Wow !!! where did you find that picture?

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