I have poetry in my soul
And a few dreams in my eyes
One broken wing
and muddy glasses
But a smile on my lips
And dance in my heart…

<Iffat G. ShirazI

I have In my possession
Not much but few
Belongings of my own Nicotine fingers
The aroma of tea In my head,
Few scattered thoughts
To write
Few more words
With disappearance Of light and another day
Haphazard row of books
In silence, the inhabitants Of my existence
The silent friends Not a word they utter
I have In my possession Only myself,The prisoner, the captor
I have In my possession
Not much, but few Tiny droplets of rain In colour, in dreams!-

<Zaofishan Qureshi's dedication to me)


7 responses »

  1. sarea says:

    all poems brought tears to my eyes cuz for the first time i felt like i am readin every bit of ME … the things i cudnt share to myself about ME iffat u just expressed them so well…keep it up gurl.. love you !

  2. Owais says:

    I have alot to say but nothing to express,
    When I am in the world of yours..
    I have alot to express but nothing to indite,
    When I am in concern of mine..

  3. Monis says:

    hey iffo baji,


  4. Hey Monis :) And what a surprise.

  5. Monis says:

    where were you ?

  6. Thank you dear for visiting my blog :) I will surely search you.

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