Timelessness is in you

The moment we are born the clock starts ticking. From then on, our every breath, every moment, every second becomes countable or timed. In fact so great this time is that we go an extra mile to actually celebrate every milestone of our life: birthdays, anniversaries, first day of school, last day of university and so on. But have you ever wondered that this time can be your best friend and also your worst enemy? So, do you give time to time? In other words, if time is spent wisely it acts like your mother-saving you from many troubles. If this time is not used well, then it can out time you. It can either leave you behind or cage you into the worry of the future. 

In all of the above discussion, we very easily forget our ‘present’. In actual, all we ever have is the present moment only. So why not keep your ‘present’ your focus, live it well so that your past and future automatically becomes pleasant. Because, this very moment in which you are reading this article will become your past say after five minutes. If you give your full attention to your present (this article) I guarantee if not a successful but at least an impressionable past and future. 
Now that I have highlighted how important our ‘now’ is I want to further emphasize on how necessary it is to be fully ‘aware’ of our present moments as well. Let me demonstrate it by giving examples from your own daily life. The examples I will quote pertains to parent-child relationship. So, how many of you (parents) spend some time with your children everyday?
Usually in what ways is that time spent? Do you give your complete attention to your child with patience and tolerance? Do you observe the behaviour of your child: language, gestures, expressions, while he talks? Do you try to read the tone of his voice? Does it occur to you that maybe your child is trying to say something else or hinting at something by covering it up with routine talk? Do you often talk to your child about his interests, fears, dreams, friends, studies etc?
If you are doing all this then you are definitely utilizing all your present moments constructively. As adults we are often so much burdened by life’s other demands that we forget to tune out all the voices inside our head. This makes us give half baked attention to our present as our mind swings like a pendulum between the time bound past and future. First, we ourselves have to practice shutting down the continuous chatter of noises in our head before we even try to understand or communicate with our children. By doing this, children will also notice a marked change in us. They would know that they are being truly heard (without biases) and not just hushed away. In fact parents should also train their children to fully enjoy their present. It is common observation that children get easily disappointed by their past failures which makes them feel so unsure about their future that they end up doing nothing to save their present! See how this cycle works? So stop thinking and start living your moments. If you want to see your child live a moment fully, give him a puzzle to solve, or a riddle and see how he plunges himself into it without getting stuck between the past or future. For a week, practise being fully aware of each moment. Be aware of your breath, of the noises around you, of people around you, sharpen your five senses and see what effect does this have on you.
Stop existing and start living. As a Sufi proverb says: “Timelessness is in you”. 
(This article is inspired by reading Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power Of Now”.)


For a long while I had been suppressing my words. My mind exerting perfect control over my pen lest I spill out the words of my heart. This tussle had been going on for too long. Who wins everyone will wonder? Neither heart, nor mind but only seasoned emotions resulting from this tussle. 

-Iffat 2012

The Sting

‘I am not married yet’, he said.

‘This comes as no surprise for me’, she smiled serenely.

He was a little taken aback by her confidence and the ease with which she said. He kept staring at her.

‘You also won’t ever marry’, she said with a far off look in her eyes.

‘Why not?’, he asked.

‘Because your demons won’t ever let you’. She said as if her verdict was final and destined to happen.

‘What demons’? he asked, half amused and half offended.

‘The ones which made you a coward in the face of emotions so pure and forthcoming that you thought you will receive a sting out of it. Only, that sting would have rendered you good’.

With this, she stood up and was about to leave when he helplessly blurted out, ‘What happened when I left’? She laughed and said, ‘Trust me, you don’t want to know’. She suddenly paused, looking sad and whispered ‘I became my own light’, and went away not looking back.

He stared at her vision among the trees and birds flying. He felt a sting. Hope it does him good.


When the radiance of the sun

surges inside your soul

reflecting amongst undefined borders within

until you feel infinite 

and become your own light.

You then see Him in every speck around you

the love inside your being not able to contain;

it perspires out and evaporates into your surroundings…

you smile a radiant smile

feeling like a sunbeam

spreading generously across acres of lands.

June 1st-2013 light-burst


The sun filtering through the broken windows
making her outline bright as an angel
her crooked smile setting upon each surface
creating order amid chaos.
Her slow riveting walk
spinning the room in motion
her petal like fingers
drumming upon her lips.
Thinking over something obscure
tucking her hair beneath her ear
gazing ever so pensively
when suddenly a thought welcomes her.
Stepping her tiny feet on the floor
getting up with splendour
she marches through the door
onto a garden full of roses
plucks out a flower
and tucks it in her hair
walks out happilyflower
welcoming her fate..



Like an artist’s brush, I swish around on the canvas of your being.

I swirl in every direction where ever it takes me.

The canvas expands, the brush doesn’t stop

And the colours keep emerging beyond the palette it was.

-Iffat 2013.palette_with_paint

You ~

The rivetingLight-Beams-and-Stars flow of the unspoken words

which spreads across the night like stars

and the essence of the spoken words

like a whirlpool erupting in my heart.

Your laughter captured in every beam

the beam which covers me in golden specks

these specks carry your very presence

your presence which surrounds me like a spotlight

the spotlight then paves a way for me..

Iffat-9th January ‘ 13

21:46 pm.

Two Abysses

Lying wasted in a pool of tears,

Eyes getting blurry with each despair,

The walls around as if silently embracing,

And the silence soaking up all the fears.

Walking around the room in tiny steps,

Then seeing one’s image in the mirror ahead,

The reflection dumbly staring back at you,

The eyes speaking vloumes of thoughts unsaid.

Turning away and looking within,

And lying curled up in the revelations of the heart,

The soul slowly wisps apart..

Rainy Reflections

14th Sept- 2011
It had been raining incessantly since yesterday. Garaj Baras! The sound of the rain was so melodic to my ears. Dear diary, I love being by myself in the solitude. It’s like I can see myself as a whole in bits and parts in front of my eyes; and see the beauty in few, weakness in others-the dark and ugly parts, the smudgy and confusing parts, the vibrant-full of life parts… and its’s emergence into one another. Seeing the reflection of my self and rejoicing in it’s beauty Rain_drops_on_window_03_ies (1)as a whole. Beauty which is made up by the blending of all these colours on a blank canvas.


The mist of the morning air

The peaceful aura of the sleeping city

The stillness all around

Which makes your breath feel numbered.

The window of one’s soul open

And the sun rising in one’s eyes…

sunsetThe estimated journey reflected in one’s eyes
The lines of destiny like wrinkles on one’s face
The eternity in one’s strides
Strides which gives your brain
a map for the present.
The present hung like a fireball in the sky
Which orbits while one’s future is being set
And when the sun sets in one’s eyes
It lights up with the moon shining in them.
The past, present and the future-all merging into one another
Like a moon hung up in the morning sky.