The process of cooking is therapeutic to me. It’s a good catharsis for my mind, body and soul. The bomb is when the result also turns out delicious and you stare at your hands in wonder ‘ Holy grain of vegetables, I can cook’. There is something calming about it. Collecting the vegetables, washing them, cutting the meat, assembling the spices and sauces. Putting the pots and pans to use.  A tarka here, a little seasoning there, some more sauteing, putting it on simmer and waiting to lift the lid to be welcomed by the amalgamation of aromatic spices hitting you on the face. Tasting a dab of the cooked meal on your finger. Devouring the taste. Sensing if everything is in order and then plating it. Its like art and it keeps getting better!

Being a true disciple of this tech generation, I too love looking up recipes online, customizing it to my taste and availability of ingredients, sometimes following it to a tee and slowly building up my forte of tried and tested recipes for later use. Now I know as a newbie, it is difficult to know which recipe can work and which cannot. There are countless websites out there which I think are phenomenal! I salute those who explain the recipes step wise with pictures, I mean can anything be made more easy than this? I am touched by how people are helping others in this way that I too feel like hopping on this bandwagon. So my little aim is to provide you all with the recipes that I myself have tried from various websites, referencing them and explaining the substitutes if any I have made to the recipes. I feel if I too can help others, it will be like giving it back to the food community out there.

So watch out this collection. Amazing recipes coming right up!Keema Biryani


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